My Father, My Hero…

Everyone has someone, who inspire them without telling any single word but we all follow and admire one person in our life.

For me, my father is that person, though I had never told him that he is best in the world for me, I have trust on his principle and I am applying those principles into my life. He never stopped me from doing anything.

He gave me complete freedom. Five most important principles he lived his whole life on and I am also trying to apply those principles in my life.

Here are the five principles that can help you to live stress free life, My father is living his life on these principles.

  1. Trust god, he will always give you a way.
  2. Don’t blame anyone, your situation is the result of your decisions.
  3.  Forgive everyone, Humans make mistakes.
  4.  Never loose your hope, everything will be fine.
  5.  Don’t compromise in your principles.




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