Do it for Others

Do it for Others

Yesterday I met one stand-up comedian, He was amazing in the sense of humour. I attended his full program and it was astonishing. It makes me so laugh that I was not able to stop. His joke’s delivery, personality, the presence of mind was absolutely amazing.

There was a full program of 2 hours and all of this time that guy made laugh 500+ audience. Because of that in his eyes, I can see that satisfaction which neither money can give nor anything else. After talking with his colleague, who was playing flute. He told me that he (the stand-up comedian) has a hole in his heart. Doctors told him that there is no solution for that. It was the heart-breaking situation for me because after all, he knows that his life is going to end anytime. Still, he wants to live his life to make people laugh.

It gives us the best lesson for our life, “Do it For Others, Whatever you can, at whatever extent, but do it for others, It will give you real satisfaction and inner peace”

Life is always gives us choice of teaching and learning. You can decide based on the situation.



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